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    Janeen Graham moved to Spokane in 2004.  In response to a need in the community, she started Lilac City Homeschool Band in 2005 with a small group of kids. Over the years, the band has grown.  She currently teaches the Advanced Band and Honors Ensemble.

    Music has been an important part of life for Janeen from early childhood.  Her father could not carry a tune, and subsequently let any of his children who wanted to take music do so as long as they practiced.  Janeen  did practice and studied piano under a variety of teachers in the Congo where she grew up.  In high school, she filled in for whatever musical needs the music teacher had, including playing drums during one basketball game. During her college years, she studied singing and played in the orchestra for a choir. 

   An accomplished pianist, she has taught piano for 26 years. Other experiences include directing church choirs and children’s musical programs. Since starting the band, Janeen has added a repertoire of instruments to her accomplishments.  She believes that music is teaches many life lessons and strives to help others fall in love with it. In addition to teaching band, Janeen teaches a recorder class for a homeschool coop.  She also performs in the community and occasionally at church.

    Outside of band, Janeen continues to be involved in the homeschool community and Civil Air Patrol. She likes to read, drink tea, and watch old musicals.  She is getting ready for that empty-nest stage as one child is married, another has graduated from college and moved out, the third is in college, and the baby will be starting college this coming fall.  The homeschool journey has been wonderful, but she is looking forward to spending more time with her husband of 30 years.