Jazz Band 


  Enrollment in either Intermediate Band or Advanced Band is required be eligible for this class.   Students who play a standard jazz instrument (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, percussion, guitar, bass) are accepted into this class without an audition process. 

     Previous jazz experience is not required.  Students on non-traditional instruments (flute, clarinet, vocal) may be invited by the director as needed for certain pieces.

     The focus of this class is on standard American Jazz including big band, swing, dance, dixieland, and ballad styles. In addition, students will be learning the basics of 


    Listening assignments will be required either through CDs or YouTube videos (no cost).  Students are expected to have a high level of motivation to learn their parts, have excellent  attendance, and be available for extra performances throughout the year. 

   There is an additional $5.00 per month fee for this class. There is no method book required for this class. 

Dual Enrollment in Jazz and Honors classes:

    It is understood by the directors that students may desire to enroll in both Honors Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble at the same time. This will be allowed in certain cases at the discretion of the directors of  both groups.

   Students will attend class each week, alternating between the two groups.  Obviously, it is more difficult for the student to do this, and a high level of skill and maturity is needed to be successful. Students and Parents are asked to carefully consider the time commitment needed before attempting this option.  


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