Parent Responsibilities: 

     Parents are responsible for bringing students to class on time each week and help facilitate practice time. Attendance during class is vital, both to the success to the student and to the band as a whole.
     Concerts and performances are the reward for hard work and therefore should not be missed.  Due to the size of each band, each student is an essential part of the band.
In addition, parents are responsible for keeping their tuition and performance payments current.

Student Responsibilities:

     Each student will be responsible for completing assignments, practicing and coming to class each week with all the necessary supplies. This includes your instrument, music and a pencil.

     Attention during class, courtesy to the teachers, and others in the band and help setting up and tearing down as needed are mandatory.

     Daily practice is vital to your success as musician. We expect normal practice time to be at least 2 hours per week. This is in addition to band class and theory assignments. In general, small daily practice sessions are more effective than 3 hour marathon cram sessions.  We suggest you begin with 10 minute segments and increase to 25 - 30 minutes.


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